Slowing Down

debandben“The last 2-3 weeks have been one long blur,” I told some friends last night on the telephone. It seems like just the other day we were catching a delayed flight out of Cap-Haitian to Ft. Lauderdale.

As I relayed in our last post, all flights bound to North Carolina had been cancelled and we were rerouted to Washington, D.C. With the gracious help of a beautiful young Haitian man, we managed to find a hotel that night. I reluctantly parted with the heavy coat he had lent me on the trip from the airport.

The next day was spent frantically searching for a mother-of-the-bride dress to wear in the upcoming wedding. With the help of a wonderful young lady, I finally managed to find something appropriate. That afternoon, Gabe flew in from Portland and we were on our way to Shepherdstown. Fortunately, the next day I was able to find some matching shoes and stockings for my dress.

Saturday, we celebrated the beginning of Ben and Deborah’s new life together. Thanks so much for all your prayers for us as we traveled from Haiti, as well as for the new couple. Most of the pictures are still being put together, but here are just a few from the wedding.

In the midst of the coming and going, we recognize that January will always be remembered for special events other than the beginning of a new year.

…January 10 marked thirty-one years of service to the nation of Haiti.

…January 11, our only daughter changed her last name from Adams to Edelen.

…January 12, Haiti remembered the 4-year anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake which took an estimated 250,000-300,000 lives.

Next week we’ll be back in Haiti and once again on the fast track. For now, we’ve slowed our pace and are enjoying a little down time with Prit’s folks here in North Carolina.

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