A Homecoming, a Wedding, a Desire Fulfilled, and a Challenge

A Homecoming

homecomingGreat news! Prit’s mom was released from the rehabilitation center on Thursday. Her greatest wish was to be in her own home for Christmas and her desire has been granted. We thank all of you again for your heartfelt prayers and ask that you would continue to lift her up until she has regained her needed strength and weight.

A Wedding

IMG_0612Gary and Magdaline St-Vil are a happily married couple as of Friday. They are a very special couple that have served in our church for years. Gary asked John to be his best man and to share some words at their reception

Gary and John were close friends when John was growing up in Haiti. Their friendship has been a special one throughout the years. You can read about it on John’s blog.

It was a joyous occasion for all.

A Desire Fulfilled

Proverbs 13:19 tells us, “A desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul…” Pledges for $1,500 have been made towards our kitchen renovation project. We are looking so forward to having the opportunity to enlarge our little kitchen.

Thanks so much to all of you who pitched in so that we could get started on this goal! If you would still like to give, we would be happy to receive your help. The $1,500 was for buying the needed materials. It will actually cost around $2,000 by the time we pay for the carpentry work as well as remove the kitchen counter and lay tile in the kitchen area.

A Challenge

The clock is ticking and soon 2013 will be history. We have received the incredible challenge of raising $20,000 from one of our supporters by January 31, 2013. If we can raise the sum total of $20,000, our donor will match the funds. The $40,000 will be used to help build our main church facility in Petite-Anse. If you would like to help us reach our goal, you can click the PayPal button on the side of this page (or at rehobothhaiti.com if you’re reading this in an e-mail) or mail a check to our address in North Carolina and earmark it $20,000 Construction Fund Challenge. Perhaps, you’d like to make a Christmas gift donation for this cause to make it our best Christmas ever!

3 thoughts on “A Homecoming, a Wedding, a Desire Fulfilled, and a Challenge

  1. Dana,
    Please e-mail to me so I can ask you a question. I am not sure I have your e-mail address now.
    God bless you and all the family.
    Much love,

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