You Can Make a Difference!

IMG_1088Here are some responses from the wonderful folks that have agreed to partner with us in the children’s feeding program. Thank you for helping us make a difference in these children’s lives!

Would you like to partner with us? $40 feeds a child for an entire year. We have a L-O-N-G way to go. (Check out the previous post for details) But, you can help us make a difference!

  • “Yes please add us to the list and I will mail the check tomorrow! We love y’all to and feel it is an honor to help with this project. Thanks for thinking of us. God bless you.”
  • “Dana: I would like to start making a monthly donation (it won’t be much) to your ministry. Who should I mail those checks to? You can use it as you see need.”
  • “We will send a donation. Great to hear from you!”
  • “Definitely! One of the points in last Sunday’s sermon was the importance of caring for the poor. God’s timing!”
  • “Yes I would!! I love feeding the children. God bless you in all you do for the kingdom of God! I pray an abundance of wealth on your lives to meet every great work. II Cor. 9:11”
  • “I asked my husband if we could add a monthly gift to the Feeding Program and still continue with the other ministries that we already help support. He said that would be fine, but if it is ok, he would rather give it as a yearly gift. I will get the check off this week. I will continue to lift this ministry up in prayer. God bless you both!”
  • “It’s dear to our hearts as well and having been there I can say that this is truly worthy of our support. Keep up the great work and another cheque is in the mail!”

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