Notes from a Busy Day

busyOur house has been buzzing with activity today. One brother put up a ceiling fan in our den. Another was here with tile samples for me to choose from for the bathroom in the little house next door where John will be living when he comes. We chose what we liked, then whittled down the price to one we could agree on. At least, we’ll get the floor laid for now.

An artist that I found painting pictures at the Hotel Christophe downtown came to do some work for me. I’ll take a picture of that project when it’s done. One of our musicians came by to discuss some concerns he had with our music ministry. I showed him a picture of my lovely friend who sent him $100 in order for him to continue his music education. Now he has a face to put with the name.

Girard (the fellow who goes to the airport for us every Thursday) came bringing “gifts from afar.” Boxes from Rock Church of Tarboro and from Prit’s mom and dad in Fayetteville have made this an extra-special day. I’ve had fun unpacking boxes of food and putting them away, all the while asking the Lord to bless the ones who purchased it all, boxed it up, then paid to have it shipped all the way to Haiti. How blessed we are to have such thoughtful friends who care so much!

I’ve developed what I call the “#5 rule.” This means before the day is over I will have walked 5 laps around the entire compound, drink at least 5 glasses of water, and do 5 x 10 sit ups. I’ve found that even if I don’t always meet my goal, I will have made some progress for my health’s sake. So, while typing this post, I’m sipping on my first glass of water. Those of you that follow this site regularly have my permission to ask me, “Dana, are you keeping faithful to your ‘#5 rule?'”

Things have slowed down a bit now. The pastor of our fifth church plant just left. He was discussing plans with Prit as to how to impact the city in which he grew up. Most likely, there will be someone else knocking on our door soon, for one reason or another. It’s the perfect time to steal away to our guest room to pray.

Everything we do here runs on prayer. It is not only the oil that lubricates the machinery. It’s the machinery itself. It’s where the rubber meets the road and mountains get displaced. I love to see God at work!

By the way, I’ve finished my third glass of water. Two to go!

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