$10,000 Headstart

racegameAnd we’re off! We have received two responses to our $10,000 challenge for our church construction goal. A longtime, faithful supporter has challenged us to raise $10,000 before June 1, 2013. If we raise the funds in time, he will match them by adding another $10,000. That’s a great headstart — $20,000! Our total goal for the construction of our church building is $150,000.

  • Thank you, Pastor Dick and Sandra Stark of Faith Temple in Alexander City, AL for your gift of $1,000.
  • Also, a big thanks to Mary Ann Styons of Jacksonville, N.C. for your generous gift of $100. (For anyone who doesn’t know, Mary Ann is my sister. 🙂

Can you help us meet our deadline? Any contribution, great or small, would mean so much to us.

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