$10,000 Challenge

11944115-climbers-in-the-swiss-alpsDo you love a good challenge? An anonymous long-term donor, who is also a long-term friend and supporter of Rehoboth Ministries, has agreed to match any funds given towards the building of our new church building up to $10,000! The offer stands until June 1, 2013. This gives us roughly two months to meet the challenge. Will you step up to the plate and help us? If we have 5 churches that can pledge $2,000 apiece, these gifts plus the promised $10,000 would give us $20,000. That’s a pretty good headstart! The total estimated goal for the completion of the church building is $150,000. Will you help us rise and build?

1 thought on “$10,000 Challenge

  1. Dana, Thank you so much, for your promotion of my book- you are a true friend. If I were to make money from the book -you better believe your ministry will be well remembered. May God bless you and continue to make you fruitful in all you do!

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