Mission Accomplished!


Max, our Status Update Dog, is back. And boy, does he have some great news! Rehoboth Ministries has received a donation of $16,000 for its children’s feeding program. Too bad you’re not here with us to hear the shouts going up toward Heaven for this gift. The generous folks that sent the check chose to remain anonymous and said all they wanted was for ALL the glory to go to God. Their only request was to challenge others to match the gift.

We have now met our yearly goal of $36,000! Because of all the other needs we have for the ministry, this has removed a tremendous weight from off our shoulders. We can truly say, “To God be the Glory!”

Would you like to rise to the occasion and do great things for God as well? On the days they get fed, the students at our school in Sainte-Philomène bring their own bowls to school. They will be overjoyed to know they’ll be getting fed this week. Perhaps you would like to help us continue this program next Fall. Or, maybe you can join forces with us to help build our church in Petite-Anse (an estimated $280,000). There are all kinds of projects here that need attention, ranging from things like construction to helping people start small businesses as well as the purchasing of vehicles, to name just a few. Anything you can sow will have a tremendous impact here.

Thank you SO much for your gift. You know who you are. Your love for Jesus and his work shines through once again! Thank you, as well, to the ones who have consistently sown into this ministry, month after month, to help this program to continue.

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