The Good Shepherd and His Undershepherds

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It’s a beautiful day in Cap-Haitian. I’m sitting on our front porch and enjoying the glorious weather along with the view of our front yard. This past week has been busy and today is a day of catching up, namely posting this blog.

MFI Pastor Steve Fitzpatrick (San Diego) was with us for a long weekend. He flew in Thursday morning and flew out yesterday. On Friday, he taught our present and past Bible school students from the book of Titus, a letter written especially for pastors. It was very rich even though, due to Carnaval festivities, we were unfortunately only able to schedule a one-day conference. Next time, we hope we can have him come teach us for several days. On Sunday morning, he shared with the “mother church” in Petite-Anse and helped us kick off festivities of our own, celebrating thirty years in the ministry and the twenty-third anniversary of the founding of our church.t’s a beautiful day in Cap-Haitien. I’m sitting on our front porch enjoying the glorious weather and the view of our front yard. This past week has been very busy and today is a day to catch up by posting this blog.

Pastor Steve’s message was drawn from Psalm 23 and drew out some pertinent insights we had never heard before. After preaching about the Good Shepherd, he called the pastors that serve in our church forward to pray for them. He then called the rest of the congregation forward to have the “shepherds” minister to them. Steve did not know that, at the end of the service, we had planned to invite a longtime member of our church forward to share his heart with our assembly. Johnny Paulcin and his wife have faithfully served in several capacities over the years and have proven themselves to be more than faithful. They have been making trips to his hometown of Petit-Bourg de Borgne to minister to the people there, finding them very hungry for the Gospel. Their trips have included helping the people with practical needs such as clothing and shoes as well. The people of Petit-Bourg have been so touched by their visits, they have asked them to come start a church there. Our church gathered together at the end of the service and prayed over them. We are trusting in the Lord’s timing to send this “shepherd” forth to Borgne, a small town around 50 miles from Cap-Haitien. Sunday morning’s meeting was very providential in that Pastor Steve chose to preach about the Good Shepherd as we were praying about sending another shepherd out from our flock.

This Friday, Pastor John Finochio and Bryan Vos (a worship leader in his church) will fly in from Canada to spend the weekend with us. They will be rejoicing with us over all the things the Lord has brought us through during these last thirty years in Haiti. Pastor John will be preaching in our church Sunday morning. We are greatly looking forward to their arrival. Priye pou nou! (Pray for us!)

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