“Do You Know Where We Put The…?”

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After weeks of asking each other, “Do you know where we put the …..?”, our house is slowly taking shape. Actually, we are still asking each other that question, but some things are a little easier to find. Thought you might enjoy watching the progress of turning our new little old house into a home, even if it is at a snail’s pace. Our porch, though crowded, actually looks a lot better than it did, believe it or not. Our den is still in “crisis mode,” and our guest room is still awaiting a fresh coat of paint and some furniture.

Just take a few steps outside though and a tropical paradise awaits you. The yard is green and flourishing. We are sorry for those of you that are enduring the bitter cold weather right now. We are very thankful for the absolutely gorgeous weather we are enjoying here in Haiti. Since our house is still cramped with anything and everything, it makes us enjoy a brief walk outside that much more.

The “Welcome Mat” is out for those of you that want to visit us and get away from the cold!

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