A Good Problem

I counted close to twenty people in our new little old house today. Three men were laying tile in our two guest bedrooms. Two electricians were working to put another line in the house. Three men were out in the yard doing woodwork. Two musicians came to listen to two songs that will be translated into Creole tomorrow and introduced to our youth choir. The rest of the crowd was our cook, washlady, and guard, plus Prit and myself. We fed them all!

The noise of hammers banging, drills going, and saws sawing have diminished a bit since this morning. In order to get away from all the noise and crowded rooms, I finally walked to the other side of the compound to enjoy a little of the quiet and visit with Pastor Lefort’s wife for a few minutes. She laughed when I told her I was escaping to her side of the compound to get away from the noise, but the noise was a “bon pwoblèm” (“good problem”). It’s a problem because of the upset of our regular routines and constant movement inside our house, but it’s good in the sense that the finished product will be well worth the wait!

We look forward to the day when we no longer live in limbo. At the moment, we shuffle piles of clothing from one area to the next in order to use the space available. Our next project involves building a depot outside in the corner of our yard to store all our stuff from the last thirty years as well as a bathroom for our workers. Meanwhile, here are a few pictures from today of the laborers who are working hard to make our dream come true!

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