$5,000 Gift!

childA very generous couple who prefer to remain anonymous have donated a $5,000 gift to Rehoboth Ministries. They specified that the money be used towards our feeding program. We wish to sincerely thank this couple for remembering the needs of our students here in Haiti.

It takes $4,000 a month to keep the feeding program running. By the grace of God and the generosity of our givers, we have been able to sustain it thus far. We have donors that have made monthly pledges to the program, but we still need help to finish the rest of the year. Would you like to help us in this endeavor?

Thanks again to Pastor Dick and Sandra Stark of Alexander City, Ala., as well as their church members, for having the faith to help us do great things for the Kingdom! Their church continues to sow precious seed to this work.

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