Visitors from MFI (Ministers’ Fellowship International)

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Prit and I returned to Haiti last Wednesday. Two days later, two pastors from MFI joined us for the weekend. We held a two-day conference for our leaders and past Bible school graduates. Pastor Bob MacGregor from Vancouver, WA, and Pastor Phil Jaquith who is a missionary to Mexico left a tremendous impartation upon our leaders. Pastor Bob shared on “Dreaming Big Dreams With God.” The question he posed repeatly comes to mind, “Do your dreams bore God?” At times, we are such small thinkers in comparison to who God is and all God has done. Pastor Phil shared on “25 Common Mistakes Many Leaders Make.” There was a very deep work that took place among our leaders and everyone was moved in a profound way. In addition to this, our leaders were overjoyed to be able to have refreshments and a big meal at the Christophe Hotel where the conference was held.

Sunday morning Pastor Phil shared on aspects from story of the Good Samaritan. Since it was Communion Sunday, Pastor Bob shared on the Lord’s Supper. We have had a wonderful time of ministry and fellowship. Bob and Phil returned this morning to the States. We are so thankful for Bob and Phil’s visit. We are strengthened each time visitors come and the compassion that they have for the people of Haiti.

Since we had just enough time to move to our new home before we left for the States and then had visitors that came in right after we returned, we are just getting around to bringing order to our living situation. Now that we live in a much smaller house, this is a real challenge! Pray for us!

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