Thankful for Agape Flights & Rock Church

Agape Flights flew in on Tuesday morning bringing turkeys for all the missionaries that use their service. They do this faithfully every year and for we who serve here on the mission field, this is a very special occasion. Already being away from home and separated from family and friends, Agape’s kindness means more than we can possibly express. Thank you so much Agape Flights!

Located in Venice, Fla., Agape is made up of a wonderful team of workers and volunteers that work tirelessly to bring in mail, cargo, and just about anything else that may be needed here in Haiti. They fly in once a week and make extra flights around the holidays just to get items such as Christmas gifts to the missionaries that don’t return home during the holiday seasons. They truly go beyond the call of duty. Check out their website and see all the wonderful things they are doing at They definitely live up to the name!

We also give a big salute to Pastors Mike and Mary Chatt and the whole Rock Church family in Tarboro, N.C. Rock Church contributed the funds to help Agape bring in our 20 lb. turkey. This also included all the trimmings that go with a regular Thanksgiving meal. Pastor Mike and Mary, we want you to know that we fed over 30 musicians, singers, and workers in our home with this turkey, rice and beans, salad, and fried plantain. With your gift, you made a WHOLE lot of people smile! We are so grateful for the care and support that you give to us and to Rehoboth Ministries! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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