Forward Movement

Still Moving

This past week has gone by like a whirlwind! We are still in the midst of packing up and sending boxes by the truckload to Sainte-Philomène. The small mission house awaits us and, once this house is emptied, there will be the dreaded task of sorting and arranging all that we own to fit into a much smaller space. We are moving ahead, however, and not looking back.

Anniversary Celebrations

Today Prit and I, our worship team, and singing group (ADPC), celebrated the third anniversary of our third church plant in Sainte-Philomène. It was a great service. The church was full and we are amazed at the wonderful job Pastor Lefort, his wife and staff are doing. Pastor Lefort has borrowed my camera, so I’ll have pictures to upload tomorrow.


Joy…elation…wonder! I experienced the full range of emotions on Friday the 9th of November when Prit and I returned to the 4VEH studio to record Prit’s final solo for our upcoming album in Creole. We started working on the album in 2009 and Prit was then slated to cap off the final song. After hours turned into days, and days into weeks in the studio, our group (ADPC) was finally ready to be done with the grueling work that this album required. Because of Prit’s incredibly busy schedule, we recorded the lion’s share of the music and vocals, laying down tracks and constantly tweaking our work. Our plan was to bring Prit in to sing the final selection.

As most of you know, the unexpected crisis of 2010 caused all our plans to veer violently off the chosen path. On that almost fateful Sunday morning of July 4, 2010, Prit suffered two brain aneurysms and was never expected to recover. The Lord’s unfailing love preserved him, however, due to a series of miracles which can only be explained as the result of agonizing, prevailing prayer. The story is told in my book, Into the Storm. After several months of rehabilitation and recovery, we finally booked our tickets and were ready to return to Haiti. Another surgery interrupted our plans, however, which would require the removal of a deadly, malignant melanoma from Prit’s face. More delays and more healing time followed. Finally, after almost a year away from Haiti, we returned to Cap-Haitian. Work on the album had come to a screeching halt, taking a back seat to all the other demands that awaited us after having been away for so long.

Finally, we made it back to the studio! As Prit sang “Take this Bread” (a Communion song), my eyes welled up with tears as the reality of the words that poured forth struck me. Only God’s perfect Lamb could pay the cost for mankind’s brokenness. “Take this cup….” The body and blood of Jesus fully satisfied the requirements of a holy God. This Covenant of Life of which Prit sang had sustained him in his neediest moment. Mind and voice intact, I thought of how dangerously close Prit had come to never accomplishing this task. It would have been incredibly sad to watch another soloist take his place – yet here he was singing effortlessly into the microphone!

Konnen Bib La

Tuesday, Prit also returned to 4VEH for the first time since 2010 to continue recording the “Konnen Bib La” series. “Konnen Bib La” (“Knowing the Bible”) is reaching 75% of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the surrounding islands, as well as touching lives through the Internet all over the world. As you can see, Rehoboth Ministries is moving forward on all different levels!

Thank you!

Thank you once again for your many prayers and generous giving to this work. We could never move forward without the faithful support of our partners!

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