Three Birds, One Stone

Jacqueline Fénélus stands in front of the Hotel Christophe every day attempting to sell these beautiful napkins.  Her daily income is dependent on the traffic flow of tourists coming and going from the hotel. Most days, she just tries to sell enough each day to help care for her two children and her aged mother. Some days are good. Some days she takes nothing home.

After speaking with Jacqueline, I felt impressed to work together with her. We both have two goals. Hers is to feed her family. My goal is to feed hungry schoolchildren. Together, we can help each other. She does high-quality work. After buying a couple of her napkins, I had them handwashed to make sure the ink from the thread didn’t run all over the napkins. (This happened to me once when I bought them from another lady.) After being handwashed and ironed, they still look great!  They would make a beautiful addition to any place setting.

These napkins will be our gift to anyone who would partner with us for at least $30 or more. In this way, we could kill three birds with the proverbial stone: Jacqueline would get some much-needed business, we could continue to raise funds to feed our schoolkids, and you would enjoy the fruit of Jacqueline’s labor — a set of beautiful, embroidered napkins. (They would make a great Christmas gift!)

We have almost reached the $14,000 mark now, but we still have a long way to go in reaching our final goal of $36,000, which would enable us to feed about 1,200 children, teachers and workers for the entire school year. Would you help us?

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