“You Feed Them Physically and Spiritually”: Our Supporters Speak

We asked our supporters if they would write a short paragraph explaining what Rehoboth Ministries means to them. Read below to find out how our work in Haiti is viewed by those that have faithfully sown into this ministry and upheld us with their heartfelt prayers.


Being a supporter of Rehoboth Ministries is the most rewarding thing I do to share the love of God. Thank you for fulfilling the Great Command to go into all the world and share the Gospel and making it possible for me to be a part. I love children and I am especially impressed by the way your ministry has used my donations. Not only do you teach children the Word–you teach them to read, write and do math so that they may have a brighter future. BUT–you also go the extra mile and give them food while they are being taught. You feed them physically and spiritually. That blesses my heart and I am sure that it blesses the heart of God also. I pray that the seeds that God has enabled you to plant will be perennials.

Much love,
Janice Brown
Fayetteville, N.C.

Thank you Janice!

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