Murphy’s Law

Yesterday morning we left Ft. Lauderdale and flew into Cap-Haitian landing around 9:00 a.m. It was nice taking a direct flight this time which only lasted 2 hrs. 30 min., instead of taking the long way around Port-au-Prince. After being away since the month of June, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the airport runway had been lengthened so that commercial jets can begin to fly in soon. It’s always encouraging to see progress in Haiti!

When we arrived home, however, it seemed that Murphy’s Law had kicked in. The city government has been planning to widen the road in front of our house for almost a year now and just before our return, they knocked down our front wall. This has left a huge gaping hole in front of our home so that all the neighborhood can view our yard. Maybe, in some small way, we can relate to Nehemiah, since each night we’re having to post an armed guard to stand watch over our property, keeping strangers from coming into the yard. Tomorrow we will put a temporary structure up until our landlord lets us know what he is going to do about the wall.

Sadly, in our absence, one of our dogs died (German Shepherd) and one of the other dogs killed our only cat. We had to send one of our workers to buy gas so that we could get the generator up and running (no city power) and another worker is in town now looking for a gas tank for our cooking stove. It always takes time to get things functioning in a semi-normal fashion every time we come back. Until we do, it’s much like camping out. We had a torrential downpour last night which fortunately cooled things off since the temperature is up in the 90’s here in Haiti!

We have met with all three pastors already and they  have given us a good report. No Murphy’s Law there! Our churches are doing very well and all the schools are back in session. We will be getting our feeding program up and running in a few days, then we’ll be sharing some pictures of some very happy children.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for our safe return and who continue to pray for Rehoboth Ministries!

The first photo is a view of our house from the road. The other two are our view of the neighborhood.

6 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law

    • Thanks, John. We’re looking forward to the service tomorrow. But, we’re praying for a cloud to cover us. As Nathan used to say, ”It’s so freakin’ hot here!” 🙂

  1. Welcome back to Haiti. Sounds just like a normal welcome when getting back into the country there, doesn’t it? Oh, the sacrifices we make to serve in Haiti. Marc will be leaving Friday and I am curious too what he will find upon his arrival home. 🙂

    Love you guys and it was so great to see you at the conference. Marc & Lisa Honorat Haiti ARISE Ministries, Founders & Directors

    Haiti: (011-509-3452-4058)

    USA: PO Box 609, Montesano, WA 98563 US office: (360-589-7377) Our US cell: (360-990-1440)

    Canada: PO Box 85267, Albert Park PO Calgary, AB T2A 7R7 Canada office: (403-272-5630) Our Canada cell: (403-470-2427)


    • It was great to see you guys, Lisa! No, our return is never normal. But, it’s great to see everyone again after 4 months out. Take care of yourself!

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