Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship

Saturday, we were invited to share about our Children’s Feeding Program in Haiti at the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in Fayetteville, N.C. After enjoying an early morning breakfast together, we then opened up our hearts to share about our passion to feed 1,200 schoolkids for this upcoming year. What a beautiful response these men gave us. Their compassion for us and for Haiti was felt by their moving prayers for protection, provision, and blessing upon Rehoboth Ministries. We are grateful for the generosity they showed towards this work in their giving as well.

Here is a picture of Tommy Tatum (President) with two other members leading us in worship. We encouraged them to bring their instruments on down to Haiti and “hoe down” with our own musicians.

Thank you FGBMFI for your support of this ministry! May the Lord use you mightily to impact the city of Fayetteville!

$10,000 and Counting!

Great news! Max is back with a special announcement: we have now broken the $10,000 barrier! Did you know that once we reach the $12,000 mark, we will have already met one-third of our total goal which is $36,000? We’re well on our way and, if you haven’t already, we invite you to join in the race with us. Just $30 will feed one student two meals a week for an entire school year.


Thank you, dear friend. Even though you are now retired and staying home to care for the love of your life who is bedridden, you have not forgotten others that are suffering. Always a missionary at heart, you have given so generously to help others that are suffering because you know what it’s like to hurt.

Thank you to our pastor friend and his church family for saying, “As long as you all have a feeding program, we’re going to support it.”
Thank you fellow supporters for adding those extra $15 and $25 checks to your regular support because you want to feed hungry kids!
Thank you retired schoolteacher that immediately responded and said, “I’ll send $30 to feed a child. And, by the way, I’m sending another $30 next month!”
Thank you to the generous couple who sowed $1,000 because “we’ve just got to see that these kids get fed!”
Thank you our friend, the bank teller, who’s still grieving over the loss of your daughter, yet said, “I can get involved! I have $30 waiting for you!”
These are the heroes that silently give without any fanfare because they care.
Feeding Program Goal: $36,000  Present funds raised: $9,857

Help Feed a Child This Year!

Do you love a good challenge? We do! In spite of the fact that the streets of Cap-Haitian were flooded this morning with protesters chanting against “La vie chère!” (prices too high), we are moving ahead with plans to feed all 1,200 of our students this year. Rising food costs and the turbulent Haitian economy are sending desperate and hungry people into the streets demanding change. Even the small city airport we fly into has scaled back its hours (we hope that when we fly in soon, we won’t have any problem landing)!

Above is a picture of our main school in Petite-Anse which is a part of the mother church. These 1,000 students are the kids we will be trying to feed a hot meal twice a week when school starts back in October. (This picture doesn’t include the remaining 200 students represented by our other two schools.) We are working hard not to disappoint them!

Thank you to all of you who have risen to the challenge of helping us feed these precious children. However, we still have a long way to go. One child can eat two hot meals a week for an entire school year for only $30. (It would take more than that to feed a whole family just one meal at a restaurant here in the States!)

Are you ready for the challenge? We know that with your help, we can attain our goal of $36,000. Present funds raised: $9,103.


Below, you will find a post written by Pastor Gesner Lefort concerning the importance of our school feeding program. I hesitated to post the picture due to its poor quality, but felt it was too precious not to share with our readers. This little girl is giving thanks for her plate of food. In the post below, Pastor Lefort shares why this meal is so important to her. In all our schools, it is the custom of the students to wait until all their classmates have been served and the blessing has been given before they begin eating their meal. It is truly commendable that these little ones are so patient — for many of them, it may be their only meal of the day. Roughly $30 can feed one child two meals a week for an entire school year.

Have you ever considered what it is like for a child to attend school in Haiti? At times they rise very early and often walk a great distance just to get to school. They’re often tired and hungry before they even arrive. As a result, this affects their ability to do well in their studies. A well-known Haitian proverb states, “Sak vid pa kanpe.” This means “an empty sack cannot stand by itself.” Because of this, receiving a meal in school has far greater value than one can imagine. I want everyone to know that these meals are so greatly appreciated by the children here in the Sainte-Philomène school. Their parents continually thank us for making it possible for their children to benefit from the feeding program that’s provided two days a week. They would love for the children to be able to eat every day, yet they do not take for granted the great effort that has been made by so many to insure that these kids get fed. Yesterday afternoon, we had a reunion with the parents. They shared testimony after testimony of how much the feeding program meant to them. Because a child is eating a little at school, it helps lift a small burden off their families at home as well. Allow me to share one example with you.

The name of the little girl in the photo above is Sabensika. She and her sister, Sabenka, have been abandoned by their father. One day the girls’ mother brought them to school. She had been told by the children’s father that he was going to meet her there and give her some money so the girls could buy a little food off the street that day. The mother waited and waited, but the father never came.  The mother wavered between leaving the children there to fend off their hunger or return home with them to feed them. She finally sat down and wept from exhaustion and despair because she had nothing to give them. She reluctantly left them at school. You can imagine how happy and relieved she was when, in the weeks that followed, the school lunch program kicked in and her little girls began receiving a nutritious meal on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you are able to help us provide relief for these children that are in such great need, it would mean more than you can ever imagine. I’ll leave you with another Haitian proverb. “Bay piti pa di chich pou sa.” This means, ”You’re not a cheapskate just because you give a small gift”. Whatever you are able to give would be a great form of deliverance for us here in Haiti.

Pastor Gesner Lefort

Delta Kappa Gamma

Saturday morning, Prit and I spoke to the Delta Kappa Gamma, Upsilon Chapter, in Jacksonville, N.C. This group of teachers invited us to share with them about our schools in Haiti, as well as the work we’re doing to help various individuals in our churches start small businesses.

Prit shared about our three church/school plants and the differences between a typical Haitian child’s school day and that of an American child. One example is that a child who speaks Haitian Creole at home begins school with a mixed curriculum of French and Creole. Haitian Creole and French are two very different languages. While French is the official language of Haiti, Haitian Creole is the mother tongue. This is quite a challenge for the beginning student, yet our students have risen to the occasion! He also shared about our feeding program and the dynamics that accompany feeding over 1,200 students, teachers, and cooks twice a week for an entire year.

I (Dana) shared about having an incredible desire to give individuals a head start in getting small businesses up and running.  Giving motivated individuals a hand up restores their dignity and gives them a way to provide for themselves and their families. Members of the DKG group have purchased several of the Haitian paintings we bring back each year, thereby allowing us to put this money into our Small Business account. They have gone a step further though. They have done a beautiful job of framing many of the Haitian pictures and reselling them. The proceeds have enabled them to raise money for scholarships for college students interested in pursuing a degree in education in the Jacksonville area. We are thrilled to be a part of their venture and admire their ingenuity as well!

Thank you, Delta Kappa Gamma, for your labor of love and your dedication to your work. It was such a privilege getting to share our hearts with you!

A Word from Pastor Finochio

Dear Friends,

It is indeed a privilege to recommend the ministry of my friends at Rehoboth Ministries and their school feeding program. Our church had the honour of participating financially in the feeding program for last years school session in Cap Hatien and having been there my self on three separate occasions I can tell you that Pritchard and Dana Adams are truly doing a tremendous work through their school. I urge you to give generously toward the work that this couple gives oversight to knowing that you are giving to the natural, spiritual and intellectual needs of the children of Haiti. God bless you as you give and help them reach their goal this school year!

For the Kingdom,

John Finochio
Lead Pastor
Crossroads Community Church
Harriston, ON

Union United Methodist Church

This morning Prit and I ministered at Union United Methodist Church. Located in Spring Lake, N.C., it was our first time getting to meet the members of this congregation. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to speak with several of them after the service and to hear their stories of faith as well. Union UMC is pastored by Bill and Ruth Altman. We have known Bill and Ruth for several years and it was a blessing to be able to visit with them again.

Thank you, Pastor Bill and Ruth, for your invitation to come share what the Lord has been doing in our lives. Our prayers are with you. Thank you for sowing into Rehoboth Ministries!

Roof Renovation

The roof on the small mission house at our compound in Ste.-Philomène is almost completed! Here are some photos of our workers with the beautiful mountains of Haiti in the background. Thanks again to Pastor Rollie Simmons of Trinity Church in Tacoma, Washington, who helped us complete this project.

There is still much renovation work that needs to take place before the two houses are completed. Would you like to help? Our future teams would be very grateful for your giving! Just earmark your donation for ”Mission House Renovations” if you would like to participate. The added blessing to this project is that these two fellows were thrilled to have a job provided for them in order to help feed their families. What a joy to be able to provide good, honest labor for those that are so in need!