Meet the Dorsainvils

Brunel and Angeline Dorsainvil are longtime members of our church in Petite-Anse. Angeline used to work for the family that lived beside us and Brunel worked for the family that lived across from us years ago on top of the mountain, Mont Joli. Angeline was already a Christian, but Brunel was not. When Brunel gave his heart to the Lord, even Angeline declared, “I don’t believe it. You’ll never convince me that that man’s saved!” But it didn’t take long for his wife to see that Brunel had become a totally new creature in Christ. Brunel’s countenance and character were totally transformed.

Over the years, Brunel has grown in the Lord and today serves as a member of our church leadership. God has indeed given him a spirit of wisdom and counsel that also comes with a “cool head.” We are so thankful for he and Angeline. Angeline served as our cook for many years until poor health forced her to abandon her job altogether. The communion loaves that hundreds of church members have partaken of once a month, for close to twenty years, were lovingly prepared by Angeline. Even this task has been relinquished to another one now.

Brunel is one of those special men that is able to wear many hats. Not only does he serve on the leadership committee, but he is also responsible for making sure everything on the church property is running properly. From running and maintaining the generator to keeping the visitors’ bathroom clean, he is truly a jack of all trades. Brunel is also our driver who goes to the marché once a month and buys all the food needed for the feeding program. This, in itself, is quite a task since over 1,000 individuals eat at this one school.

From dropping us off at the airport to picking us up, the last and first face we see is that of Brother Brunel, for he also oversees our vehicle while we’re gone.  He has truly become one of those indispensable leaders that makes Rehoboth Ministries what it is.

Brunel is the father of three daughters, yet he has also taken a young man in our church under his wing and become a father to him. We have watched Wendelson flourish and become one of our finest drummers. There is already a leadership quality evident in this young man’s life and Brunel’s  constant nurturing is causing him to emerge as a dynamic youth leader. This is very significant due to the fact that Brunel only saw his own father once in his entire lifetime. His father never did anything for him and, even during this one father-son meeting, his father blamed Brunel’s mother for all his troubles. Brunel was never to see him again. Yet, Brunel has become, in the truest sense of the word, what a father should ideally become.

Brunel is a pillar in our church and Angeline is a true mother. There are just no words to express how much this couple means to us. Yet, with this short biography, we salute what we would deem to be a couple that is so very worthy of our praise. This picture was taken recently on Brunel’s 47th birthday.

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