Mr. Peanut Butter Man

François Fabius has been making and selling peanut butter for 62 years. He started in his youth at just 16 years of age. We know him better as “Mr. Peanut Butter Man.” We enjoy his peanut butter as well as encouraging him in his small business. It’s pretty good peanut butter and the Roi Christophe (a hotel that hosts a lot of foreign visitors) buys all their peanut butter from him.

Haitian peanut butter is very different from your average Jif or Skippy. It has more liquid and can literally be poured from the jar instead of scooped out. It also contains piments (hot, red peppers) and has a bite to it. If you want the true Haitian experience, you need to put some Haitian mamba (peanut butter) on top of cassava bread. (More about that tomorrow!)

Here is a picture of François posing in front of a statue of Henri Christophe. He was delighted to see a picture of himself, as this is a rare occurrence for him. I bet Henri Christophe would have liked his peanut butter as much as we do!

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