ImageI’m having a love/hate relationship with my laptop right now. I guess, at some point, I need to reformat it. After waiting all day to come to town to check my mail (still no internet at home), my screen freezes. If my laptop wasn’t so important, I would have hurled it across the room long ago. Images of sledgehammers and axes pass through my mind accompanied by fiendish laughter. Why am I so frustrated? It’s just a laptop, you say? Much of my work is done on the computer. Having that link between us and the States is crucial. From checking our bank balance to ordering something to be sent down on the mission plane simply involves sending an e-mail. My computer also holds the key to updating this site among a multitude of other things. So, while I love my Mac, at times it becomes a love/hate relationship.

If you are one of those fortunate people enjoying your high-speed internet and everything functions with a simple click, stop and give thanks for your wonderful computer today! And, yes, I’m taking the time to repent and give him thanks for mine as well. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Love/Hate

  1. While I do have it much easier than you, there are still problems and times when I would like to pitch my laptop in the river. But, good judgment takes over and I wait patiently.(sometimes)

  2. Hi Pastor Dana!
    Its Marjolaine from Canada/Montréal. You made me laugh with your post! I so understand you! When my laptop decides to have his mind of his own I can always imagine it falling from the second floor in to the street just below! But we just need technology so much that I figured computer were invented so God can stretch our patience!! Anyway it works for me;) hope everything is going great for you guys peer there. I’m already exited to go back one day to Haiti to meet again with all the wonderful people I met. God bless you and your family

    Marjolaine xx

    • Hey Marjolaine,

      It’s great to hear from you! You made me laugh too. Yes, the Lord has all kinds of ways to develop patience in us. Seems that’s a lesson we never stop learning! 🙂 You are always welcome to come back to Haiti! The people here still talk about your visit. They were so blessed. Hope everything is going well with you!

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