Saying “Goodbye”

ImageYesterday I (Dana) attended a ladies’ gathering to honor a fellow missionary sister, Pat Moore. Pat has served in Haiti for twenty years as a nurse working in a clinic out in the countryside. She and her husband, Clark, will be returning to the Pacific Northwest tomorrow.

Pat has been a very dear friend to me and will be sorely missed. She has listened to many of my “woes” through the years, watched our children grow up and leave, given me medical advice, and we have spent precious time in prayer together. As the ladies around the table took turns making remarks about Pat,  the comment I heard repeated over and over was that it was her positive attitude that always amazed them. If there was ever one that saw the glass half-full instead of half-empty, it would be Pat. So, with a whole lot of love sprinkled with a tinge of sadness, Pat, I dedicate this post to you.

2 thoughts on “Saying “Goodbye”

  1. Pat is a wonderful lady. I will never forget when we went to her home and met Joshua. A young man with AIDS and suffering from starvation. He was sitting on her couch eating a sandwich and though he looked apprehensive when we arrived he wasn’t afraid. Comfort was there for him in Pat’s home with a sandwich on the couch……She will be missed.

    • Kathy,

      Yes, she had a real burden for the street kids. I told her she needed to come back and start another ministry. 🙂 I’ve been told that Joshua is now cuddled up in the arms of Jesus.

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