Vision for a New Year

Guest post by the Rev. John Finochio.

Every year as we approach the threshold of a new year, a flood of thoughts go through my mind as they probably do yours as well. What is God saying about this new year? What is the vision for this year? What goals do I need to set personally? What objectives do I need to set for our church? What new strategic approach is needed to obtain the promise for this new year? I usually also do a month-by-month run through in my mind of the past year to remember what significant things the Lord did and to spend some time thanking Him for His good hand upon me, my family and the church we serve.

I’ve read/listened to a few prophetic words that seem to float around also at this time of year from some high profile ministries in which they announce what they claim to be the Lord’s word for the coming year. I never put too much stock in those words as I don’t think the Holy Spirit’s calendar always matches man’s. When all is said and done, I come back to the realization that Jesus promised to be with His disciples to the end of the age, that He would never leave us or forsake us, and that we are to occupy until He comes. I try to resist any flashy ostentatious approach to the New Year. I simply position myself to continue to seek Him, to rely on His absolute faithfulness, believe in His overwhelming goodness and anticipate seeing Him work in a greater way — in me, through me, and for me.

I approach 2012 with the greatest of hope because I have been “begotten again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” I remind myself that I’m caught up in a purpose that is eternal and unstoppable. In 2012, we will continue to see that purpose unfold in our world to the glory of God!

John Finochio is the pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Harriston, Ontario.

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