Carolina Bound

Well, here we are sitting in the Charlotte-Douglas airport waiting for our last flight home. We left the house this morning and have been traveling all day. Cap-Haitian – Port-au-Prince – Ft. Lauderdale – Charlotte – Fayetteville. We are thanking the Lord for giving us safe travels as well as all the prayers that have gone up for us. It seems like an eternity ago since we huddled together in a circle with our Haitian brethren before the crack of dawn. They prayed for God’s watchfulness over us  and we prayed for them as well. We never take their prayers lightly, knowing that the assurance that they will pray is as sure as the sun rising tomorrow. We left Cap-Haitian in the dark and as I gaze outside at the planes taking off and landing, it is night again. Soon, we’ll be up in the air again making our way to Fayetteville, N.C.!

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