Greater Works Deliverance Temple

Divine appointments? Oh yes, the Lord orchestrates those! A trip to the manicurist, of all places, opened the door for me to be able to meet Elder Laverne Wilson. I knew before I even spoke with her that she was a woman of God. As we shared in conversation, it was evident that we had a lot in common  and  a rapport quickly developed between us. One thing led to another and she invited Prit and me to meet her pastor, Dr. Carolyn Thomas. After spending some wonderful time together in fellowship, they asked us to return and share Sunday’s message with them.

What an awesome time it was visiting with the members of The Greater Works Deliverance Temple. Prit and I shared the testimony of his healing and we were received with tremendous enthusiasm. This is a special group of people who are led by their pastor, Dr. Carolyn Thomas. The first thing we noticed about Dr. Thomas is that she greatly loves the Lord and is marked with a spirit of humility. What a joy it has been getting to know her and the flock the Lord has placed under her. If you’re in the Fayetteville area, we greatly encourage you to visit The Greater Works Deliverance Temple. You will feel the love of the Lord in that place.

Elder Eleanor Figgs, Elder Laverne Wilson, Dana, Dr. Carolyn Thomas (Pastor), Prit

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