What We Do: Provide Sound Biblical Training for Church Leaders

First in a four-part series explaining what the Lord is doing in Haiti through Rehoboth Ministries.

L’Institut Biblique Alliance de Grâce (Covenant of Grace Bible Institute) was born of the union of two complementary visions, simultaneously conceived in two local churches in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

First of all, the church Centre Chrétien du Cap-Haïtien began a program for continuous formation of leaders in 1993. This program was overseen by French Canadian pastor Richard Cayer.

Shortly thereafter, our church, the Centre de Formation Chrétienne began formal theological training in December 1994, with Pritchard teaching the classes.

After much constructive exchange, it was decided in December 1996 by the two above-mentioned pastors, with the support of French Canadian pastor Christian Séveno, that beginning in January 1997, the two schools would merge into a new entity–l’Institut Biblique Alliance de Grâce.

Since then, seven ‘promotions’ (the French word for ‘graduating class’) have ensued, with the first graduating in January 1999. Starting with the second promotion, the institute began utilizing its own graduates as teaching assistants and professors. At present, a new promotion is launched out into the world every two years, and the school attracts students from all corners of Cap-Haitien’s evangelical community.

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