What We Do: Provide Affordable Christian Education

Fourth in a four-part series explaining what the Lord is doing in Haiti through Rehoboth Ministries.

DSC03955.jpgIn 1994, we began establishing schools in our local churches. At present, three of the four churches in our network have a Christian school as a part of their ministry outreach to their neighborhoods. The largest and oldest of these schools has grown to an enrollment of over 1,000 students with over 45 teachers and aides. The main campus also has a day school in the evening for continuing adult education.

What We Do: Pastor & Plant Local Churches

Third in a four-part series explaining what the Lord is doing in Haiti through Rehoboth Ministries.


The "mother church" in Cap-Haitien

We planted our first church in February, 1990, and have since seen our work grow into a network of four dynamic, Spirit-filled churches spread throughout the Cap-Haitien area. We are directly involved in the oversight of three of these churches.

Each church is presently overseen primarily by Haitian leadership, however, and each is growing spiritually and numerically at an impressive rate. All four church pastors are graduates of our four-year Bible institute.

The foundation for our new sanctuary (under construction).


Our first church plant in Belle-Hôtesse

What We Do: Teach the Word of God on the Radio

Second in a four-part series explaining what the Lord is doing in Haiti through Rehoboth Ministries.

Pritchard has been teaching the Word of God since he was approached by Radio 4VEH, a Christian radio station in Cap-Haitien, several years ago. The segment is called Konnen Bib La (“Knowing the Bible”) and lasts for 30 minutes. It is usually broadcast at least twice a week. This show reaches 90% of Haiti and into the Dominican Republic, into the Bahamas and United States through participating Christian radio stations, and through the Internet, to the entire world.

What We Do: Provide Sound Biblical Training for Church Leaders

First in a four-part series explaining what the Lord is doing in Haiti through Rehoboth Ministries.

L’Institut Biblique Alliance de Grâce (Covenant of Grace Bible Institute) was born of the union of two complementary visions, simultaneously conceived in two local churches in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

First of all, the church Centre Chrétien du Cap-Haïtien began a program for continuous formation of leaders in 1993. This program was overseen by French Canadian pastor Richard Cayer.

Shortly thereafter, our church, the Centre de Formation Chrétienne began formal theological training in December 1994, with Pritchard teaching the classes.

After much constructive exchange, it was decided in December 1996 by the two above-mentioned pastors, with the support of French Canadian pastor Christian Séveno, that beginning in January 1997, the two schools would merge into a new entity–l’Institut Biblique Alliance de Grâce.

Since then, seven ‘promotions’ (the French word for ‘graduating class’) have ensued, with the first graduating in January 1999. Starting with the second promotion, the institute began utilizing its own graduates as teaching assistants and professors. At present, a new promotion is launched out into the world every two years, and the school attracts students from all corners of Cap-Haitien’s evangelical community.

Postscript: Visiting Faith Harvest Church

Yesterday, we had a wonderful service at Faith Harvest Church in Wake Forest, N.C. I (Dana) shared the testimony once more about Prit’s healing. What a wonderful group of people! They are a reflection of their pastor and his wife, (Brad and Lisa Wiggs). We had a great time and were greatly encouraged to be with them. Thank you Faith Harvest for all your prayers and wonderful support of Rehoboth Ministries!

Faith Harvest Church (Wake Forest, NC)

Faith Harvest

Prit and I are eagerly looking forward to sharing at Faith Harvest Church in Wake Forest, N.C. tomorrow! We will be sharing about the miracle of Prit’s healing that took place in the summer of 2010 and we encourage you to come believing for a powerful touch from the Lord.

Pastor Brad Wiggs and the assembly at Faith Harvest have been faithful supporters of Rehoboth Ministries for over ten years. We have known his parents (Pastor Gerald and Geraldine Wiggs) for over twenty years, and their church, Gateway Christian Center in Middlesex, N.C., has partnered with us as we have labored in Haiti. Pastor Gerald was one of the first people I contacted after Prit had his aneurysm. The Wiggs are a family of incredible faith and have seen many miracles of their own. We are so proud that they are a part of our team!

The Lord’s Table (Goldsboro, NC)

The Lord's TableLast Sunday, we had the privilege of ministering at The Lord’s Table in Goldsboro, N.C.  The folks there have supported Rehoboth Ministries for many years. After our good friends Charles and Vivian Kirkland, who serve on the leadership team there, introduced us to Pastor Bill Wilson, he immediately opened his heart to us. We will never forget the first time we were invited to minister there. Pastor Bill told us, “All I want you to do is to feed my sheep!”

Pastor Bill went home to be with the Lord in April 2011, but we are so grateful to have known him and to have witnessed the love that he had for his people. He was truly a humble servant of the Lord with a heart full of love. Today, the church continues to grow and move forward under the leadership of Pastor Ken Jefferson. We are very grateful for this church that has faithfully partnered with our work in Haiti.


“You Gotta Turn Around”

My husband (Prit), our oldest son (John), and I were visiting some friends in Beattyville, KY for a few days earlier this summer. Our hostess, Cecille, told us that there were some places nearby where we could go sightseeing. “You can go visit Happy Top,” she said. “It’s just up the mountain, not too far from here.’’ We had heard of the infamous Rocky Top, Tenn., but we had never heard of Happy Top, Ky. Our curiosity being aroused, we set off to visit this tourist attraction. The directions Cecille gave us were relatively simple. However, on our way up the mountain, we were busy talking and didn’t see the sign pointing the way to Happy Top. Realizing before long that we had gone too far, we decided that we had better pull over and ask someone for guidance.

My husband spotted a lady coming out of her house to check her mailbox and pulled the jeep over to ask her directions. “Excuse me, Miss, can you tell us the way to Happy Top?’’ Perhaps this lady thought these North Carolinians were real simpletons for having missed the very obvious sign planted right by the side of the road (yes, I checked on the way back down). But whatever was going through her mind, she took our question very seriously.

She placed her hands on the passenger door and said in her thick Kentucky accent, “You gotta turn around and you gotta go back. You done gone too far. And when you get back down the mountain, you’re gonna see a row of three brick houses — boom, boom, boom!’

She sliced her hand through the air three times for emphasis.

“When you see those three houses, don’t go any further. You’re gonna turn right at that road that’s right before them houses, and when you go up that road, you’ll pass the First Church Assembly of God (I looked, and no such church bears that name by the way). You’re gonna take that road straight up and it’ll take you all the way to Happy Top.’’ And while we sat there completely mesmerized by this woman’s utmost sincerity, she finished it off by instructing us one last time (no, I’m not exaggerating!) — “BUT, you gotta turn around and you gotta go back!’’ The price of our trip to Kentucky was worth it just to meet this woman who cared so much about us not losing our way.

I’ve told this story so many times since about visiting Happy Top and our encounter with the Kentucky woman (who looked much like Loretta Lynn, by the way, except for her shoulder length hair). We have had many laughs about how serious she was about something that was not really life-altering. But, when I think of this strong woman who cared so much about us not getting lost again, I am so keenly aware and ashamed of how much less I have cared about others reaching a much more important destination than that of Happy Top. We’re all heading toward one place or another. Heaven is very real and so is Hell. Where is the sense of urgency among us Christians to keep others from losing their way?

The view from Happy Top.