-Team from Victory Christian Church, Pastor Mike (bottom left)

We had a 7-member team with us for 8 days from Goochland, Virginia. It was headed up by MFI Pastor Mike Hennigan. At the same time, a friend that John met from Solvang, California, was with us. Gérald Pierre is a professional photographer. So much was accomplished in one week and we are so thankful they came.

The Virginia team from Victory Christian Church came with clothing material and other items to teach 3 of our seamstresses in the church in Petite-Anse how to make a small beach bag. The first day, the team taught the seamstresses how to hand-stitch the bags. The second day, these 3 women taught the other young people from our Professional School how to do the project, and on the 3rd day, they all gathered together to learn how to make necklaces and bracelets. I wish all of you could have seen the HOPE and excitement in their eyes. This resulted in talks of the team returning to teach them other projects and getting a gift shop up and running in order to sell homemade products from Haiti. Would you pray with us about this? Pastor Mike brought much spiritual food to two of our congregations and met with the key leaders of our network as well. We are so thankful for every member of this team who came with suitcases full of gifts to hand out to the school kids and others in need. Space does not allow me to share all they did while they were here, but they were such a tremendous blessing to our ministry. We got in some fun time too with a trip to the Citadelle and to Cormier Plage (beach.)  Check out the slideshow below for more pics!


– Gerald (with glasses) with our musicians

Gérald taught our musicians some worship principles and held a photography class. He also took a Sunday (after the morning service) to take pictures of several of the church kids. He is working on a small booklet which will be entitled The Hope of Haiti/L’Espoir d’Haïti. We hope to have these booklets available when we return at the end of May.  Gérald is also working on a short video for Rehoboth from the angle of our history up until today. We are grateful to be benefiting from his beautiful work and can’t wait for you to see the results. Thank you Gérald. It was great having you in our home getting to know you as a friend and as a co-worker in the Gospel.




It’s Been A Busy Couple of Weeks!


Out with the old. In with the new!

Yesterday, the old church structure was demolished after 28 years. No one wept. Everyone’s ready to move on. The symbol of the past being removed is a further sign that we have moved into a new season. It’s time to make new memories! We are loving our new church building and we are busier than ever with the work here.


This past couple of weeks have been incredibly busy, so I’m just getting around to posting. We had a 7-member team from Goochland, Virginia, with us for 8 days that was headed up by MFI Pastor, Mike Hennigan. What a great team! I will be sharing in further posts about all that was accomplished during that trip and future projects that are coming up. It’s just too much to tell here!

Another guest who traveled all the way from Solvang, California, left today. Gérald Pierre is a professional photographer. John met him through a mutual friend and the two struck up a friendship. The interesting part is that Gérald was born and raised here in Cap-Haitian and moved to California at 27 years of age. He has lived there ever since. The friendship between John and Gérald eventually led to him making a trip to Cap-Haitian to visit family members and part of the time he was here  working for Rehoboth Ministries. We’ll share more about that later too.