Thanks to all who have prayed!


                        L to R: Sarah, Dana, Laney, Mary Ann

I John 5: 14 “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” Many, many thanks to all of you who have been praying for my brother, Laney. I had a wonderful last visit from my sisters (Sarah and Mary Ann) as well as my  sweet brother. Here’s a group shot Prit took of me and my siblings. One is in Heaven already. Thank you for your continued prayers for him and for us as we travel to the MFI Conference in Portland, Oregon, and from there to Haiti. Pray that there will be no hurricanes in our path! Last year this time, we had to spend two extra days in Portland because Matthew was making its way across Haiti. Looking so forward to seeing John, plus all our leaders, pastors, and church members who have been “holding the fort.”

Prayers for Laney

705652_104920856342549_1717187854_oIt seems this summer has kept us busy in every way, not to mention a cancer diagnosis and surgery for me. Since we’re leaving soon, we’re now in the fast lane in getting our home set up as much as is possible and taking off for the MFI Conference in Portland, then traveling back to Haiti.

Thanks so much to all of you who have prayed for us. Your prayers mean more than you can know. I will ask you to please offer your prayers once more for my brother, Laney. Out of a family of five, Laney and I were the last two. I am very sad to say that Laney has been diagnosed with lung cancer and emphysema and has been given 1 to 1 and 1 /2 years to live. He is already in poor health from diabetes and dementia. While we know that the Lord has the last say concerning the number of our days, I am keenly aware that when we return, Laney may have already left this earth. This is one of the hardest parts of being a missionary and deeply saddens me. I already have one brother in Heaven.

Thank you for your heartfelt prayers and encouragement!

After 35 years…


UnknownI haven’t posted in a while because we have been busy cleaning my sister’s home where we have been living this summer, plus gathering all our worldly goods collected here in the States and putting them in her garage. Why? Because, after 35 years of waiting, we have finally found a home. Today is moving day and our long-awaited quest for a nest has come to an end. We are settling here in Jacksonville, NC, and want to thank all those at Treasure Realty who helped find the perfect home for us. We also thank all of you who have prayed for us through the years that we would finally have a base of operation stateside, not to mention a place for our family to be able to come together for a time of rest and recuperation.

We had no idea when we left our trailer and vehicle in 1983 and took off for Haiti with two trunks and two suitcases, that it would take all these years to find our own home stateside. We have watched so many folks, even former students, grow up, get married, and purchase a home while we continued to pray for our own. Well, it’s finally happened!

This does not mean we are retiring from the work of the ministry. In fact, we will be returning to Haiti shortly and this year will be our busiest ever. But, the next time we return, it will be to our own home. Our desire is now fulfilled.


imagesI just read my son’s comment on Facebook. “The rain has stopped. The wind has died down. We dodged the bullet. Thank you, Lord.” After watching, waiting, and praying, we can finally EXHALE. After leaving St. Maarten in an upheaval and blacking out Puerto Rico for what is estimated to be a month, there seemed to be little hope that Haiti could possibly escape Irma’s wrath. But, mercifully, Cap-Haitian only got the rain from the outer band of the hurricane and, as far as we know, has left the old Colonial capital unscathed. We will know more tomorrow.

THANK YOU everyone who joined with us in prayer for the safety of our son, our church families, and for the inhabitants of OCap. We are only too aware that this could have had a totally different and tragic ending resulting in the huge loss of life and property. Now, let’s join together and pray for those who still remain within Irma’s grasp.

Caribbean islands put under hurricane watch


Check the link above for the latest news concerning Hurricane Irma. The Leeward Islands will be a direct target of untold destruction if Irma doesn’t change her course. As many of you know, Haiti has very little infrastructure and this could mean untold devastation and loss of lives if it makes landfall. Would you please pray that this potential catastrophe will be averted and turned into the sea?

Meanwhile, we continue to pray for all those who suffered at the hands of Hurricane Harvey. Our prayers go out to the many families who have suffered unimaginable  losses of every kind.  May the Lord be an ever present help in this time of trouble.