Portraits (Wendell)

Here’s the first of our portrait series. Hope you enjoy learning about the people we love!

Wendell Pierre-Louis


                   Wendell (left)

Wendell Pierre-Louis is one of the many youth members who has grown up in the church in Petite-Anse. He lives and breathes music. Whenever music is playing he can’t sit still. His foot suddenly takes on a life of its own and begins to tap furiously. He grabs whatever is closest to him and transforms it into a makeshift drumstick. Wendell is incredibly talented and one of the main drummers on our worship team.

When Wendell was just a child, his mother recognized that God had given him a gift. With money being scarce, she bought two toothbrushes. The toothbrushes and an old chair provided Wendell’s first drum set. Later, he broke the chair legs off himself and whittled them down to a pair of drumsticks. Pots and pans – anything one could beat on – was fair game for this zealous learner. No matter how loud he played, his mother never said a word. In fact, she encouraged him to keep playing.

One day the leader of our church’s worship team came by the house and heard Wendell playing. I’m going to put you on our worship team. Next time you come to church, you need to be prepared to play, he said. Wendell was very nervous, but rose to the task and has been playing in our orchestra ever since. He is now one of the maestros over our dynamic youth choir and has his own singing group with which he works.

Wendell and the other musicians in the church have an infectious love for music which keeps drawing other young folks to our services. There just seems to be an anointing on any young man who picks up an instrument in our church. Scores of budding musicians are swept up into the current of praise and worship and playing an instrument seems to comes easily for them. But, I believe it’s because of the core group which is already there. Our musicians are making disciples without even trying and we marvel at all the new musicians which are always appearing on our church platform! Wendell is a key player in making that happen.

Would you pray for Wendell? We are proud of the leader he is becoming. His life hasn’t been easy and he struggles for his basic needs and schooling. We are grateful for his contribution to our ministry and for his zeal for the Lord. He is ever ready to share the talents the Lord has given him with anyone who has a desire to learn and his humility in teaching others shines through all he does. Wendell is one of so many young Haitians who dream of a better tomorrow for Haiti.

Catching Up!

A Desire Fulfilled

This is my first post in over a month. My laptop began having problems and was sent to Florida for repairs. Unfortunately, after many attempts to salvage it, I had to resign myself to the need for a new one. Anyone who knows how much I use my laptop knows it serves as a major tool for myself and for the ministry. A friend of the ministry learned of my plight and ordered a brand new Macbook Pro for me just like the one I had. Today, it made it in on the plane! You can imagine how incredibly elated I am to have a brand new working laptop  and how grateful I am to have someone who would care so much about this need. Thank you so much, dear friend, and thank you Lord for placing it on his heart!

New Building

IMG_1809Our multipurpose building is going up at an incredibly fast pace. Our church people are on a spiritual high! Year after year, we would stretch our hands in the direction of the adjoining property and ask God to somehow provide a new building for us. Now, when we stretch our hands in the same direction, we see this amazing structure going up and it gives us goosebumps to see the actual dream becoming a reality. Thanks again to all of you who helped us pray and especially to Orphans Promise, Lifeline Ministry, and our very generous donors for supplying the means to do what we couldn’t do by ourselves.

Sewing Classes

We have begun a sewing class in Petite Anse to provide young men and women an opportunity to learn a trade. We have two sewing machines being shipped to us and four machines with treadles already here from former days. We are able to purchase Singer sewing machines here in Cap-Haitian for $210 US if someone would like to help us with this endeavor and change a young person’s life. Our goal is to have at least 50 machines. Thanks to the friends who have been shipping material to us so the students will have something to work with. We’ve taken the first step. Will you help us make this class a success?

Rehoboth Tax Receipts

Those of you who have been contributing to Rehoboth Ministries will be receiving your quarterly tax receipts once March is over. Most of them will come by an e-mail attachment except for the few givers who don’t use e-mail. I will post a note after I have sent them.


Haiti is full of amazing testimonies of how God works in the lives of his people here. From time to time, I’ll be writing a segment called Portraits to give you a glimpse of how the Lord is working in the lives of people that we work with on a regular basis. In spite of tremendous odds of growing up in a poverty stricken nation where one would think that Murphy’s Law is the norm, there are those who have risen above the storm and are living testimonies of what God’s grace can do in one’s life. There are others who are still standing and believing God for a breakthrough after serving Him faithfully for years. You can look forward to a portrait in my next post.