Touching the Future

Family Time


       John, Gabe, Deb, and Sam

It seems like just yesterday since we passed the Welcome to Virginia sign. Prit, John, and I traveled to Reston, Virginia, last week and picked up Gabe as he flew in from Portland to Dulles airport. Then, we headed to West Virginia to see Deb and her family. We had a great time catching up and all too soon we were saying goodbye again. I wish our family gatherings came more often. *Sigh* We had such fun getting reacquainted with Ti Sam again. He sure enjoyed all the attention that was suddenly lavished upon him! We are so grateful for the family time we had together.

Before you know it, we will boarding a plane back to Haiti and another year will be winding up with the reopening of our schools and Bible Institute. But until then, we’ll squeeze every moment of joy that we can from being back in the States. Tomorrow, we travel to Tarboro  where we’ll minister in Rock Church on Sunday and enjoy some great fellowship with longtime friends.

Touching the Future

Having made mention of the Bible institute, we are happy to report that four people have pledged to help our Bible school students with their tuition for the year! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the supplemental income that will serve to remove a tremendous burden from our shoulders in paying our professors. If others would like to help us train up a “leader in the making”, please consider making a pledge to Rehoboth Ministries and earmarking it Bible School Tuition. For only $20 a month, you can touch the future by financing someone’s education. You didn’t know you could reach out and touch the future, did you?

*Ti Sam is the Haitians’ affectionate way of saying Little Sam

Happy Birthday, Happy D-Day, Happy Anniversary, & Happy Moving!

As I type, Prit and I are heading down the highway to Jacksonville, NC. We are spending the summer here and watching over my sister’s home for her while she is out of town. After hauling load after load of all our belongings from Fayetteville to our new residence, we are saying a bittersweet “goodbye’’ to life as we knew it every summer there. But “goodbye” somewhere means “hello” elsewhere, so we  to say‘’hello’’ to the future. Today, I rode by Prit’s folks’ former home where we spent our summers since 1994 and met the new owners. The husband said he would send any stray letters for Rehoboth Ministries to our PO Box. It sure was strange seeing the home we knew so well completely renovated. But, he and his wife are a lovely couple and I hope they will enjoy it.


     June 13 will make 34 years together!

This summer will be a short-lived one as we will return to Haiti on July 7 to receive a medical team coming to hold a five-day clinic on our compound at Sainte-Philomène. We’re getting ready for you Northwood Temple! I celebrated another birthday on  June 6 and thank the Lord for his grace in blessing me with another year of life. June 6 also commemorates D-Day. This day set in motion the liberation of Europe from under Naziism. It marked the beginning of the end of Hitler’s iron grip over Europe and the subsequent release of countless Jews and prisoners from other nations from under the Nazis. May we never forget the fallen solders who sacrificed their lives to bring to pass what they would never witness on this earth. I am always inspired when we drive by the Marine base in Jacksonville. On the front gate are inscribed these words, Pardon our noise. It’s the sound of freedom.

But, the celebrating is far from over. Prit and I will celebrate thirty-four years of wedded bliss on June 13. Happy Anniversary, honey!

*Just to be sure our supporters don’t panic when they see we are no longer residing in Fayetteville when stateside, we want to assure you that our mail can still be sent to the same address. We have a very competent bookkeeper who is overseeing our affairs for us. Our address is still:

Pritchard & Dana Adams
c/o Rehoboth Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 8222
Fayetteville, NC 28311