The Good and the Bad

Permis de Séjour

10978634_10155342902505045_923562228999720689_nThe elusive, infamous and long-awaited Permis de Séjour has finally arrived! It is now in the hands of Maitre Hérold, our lawyer who is working diligently to obtain a title deed for the land at our compound in Petite-Anse. Our long-awaited dream of having a multipurpose building for our school, church, and other activities is drawing closer. CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) has agreed to construct a building for us once the title   deed is in our hands.

Feeding Program

Four cooks will soon be on their way to Arcahaie (in the south of Haiti) to be trained for our feeding program which will be starting back up soon. The ministry located in Arcahaie is presently feeding 9,000 children a day. Our cooks will get some very valuable experience which will include cooking on a large scale and learning to implement extra items (such as pre-packaged food) into the staple diet of rice and beans. The plans are still being worked on to send a year’s supply of food by a military plane to Port-au-Prince. Once it arrives to the nation’s capital, it will be transported by truck to Cap-Haitien.

Mardi Gras Tragedy

We have just come through Mardi Gras season. There was a very unfortunate accident that occurred in Port-au-Prince during the festivities. Sixteen people died and over sixty were severely injured due to a faulty power line. Celebrations were called off and the nation mourned as these victims were given a state funeral and laid to rest.

Madame Toussaint

Toussaint (our security guard) has been in Port-au-Prince for the last couple of weeks. His wife was in the hospital with an infected foot. Two toes were removed and we thought the infection was contained. Unfortunately, her right foot had to be amputated and after all this time, she is still in the hospital with complications. Forced to deal with the harsh reality of living in Haiti with a disability is a heavy burden to bear. Already having been living apart due to Toussaint’s finding a job in Cap-Haitian, this only amplifies their situation. Please remember this family in your prayers during this very difficult time.

Making Room

IMG_2106The work on our den is going very slowly.  We are still in need of windows, a door, and a good paint job. With several days of steady rain, the draft coming through the house has made life very uncomfortable for us. I know it’s probably difficult to imagine us being cold in Haiti, but the rainy season can certainly cool things down! If you’d like to contribute to help ward off our chilliness, please send a gift earmarked DEN. We’ll send you a warm “thank you!”

We’re delighted to be able to share about the good things that are happening here in Haiti. Many of you have helped us bring these things to pass through your prayers.  We would also ask you to please pray for those who are weighed down with heavy hearts. As we all know, joy and sadness can often run on parallel tracks.

Happy Birthday, CFC!


Le Centre de Formation Chrétienne church.

This week marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of our mother church in Petite Anse. Centre de Formation Chrétienne (Christian Training Center) is twenty-five years young. Though humble in appearance, it marks the site of countless prayer vigils, miracles, and memories. Happy Birthday, CFC!

Many, many thanks to the wonderful sister whose heart was touched to send a donation to help our friend, Manno, with his business. (See our last post.) Thank you to another friend who sent an offering to our traveling evangelist, Ronald.

Our security guard, Toussaint, has been in Port-au-Prince several days with his wife. Her foot became infected from the point of a rusty earring and began to swell. Unfortunately, her large toe and the one next to it on her right foot eventually had to be removed. However, she is out of her coma and appears to be doing quite well. We had asked for prayers for Madame Toussaint a while back due to cysts in her breasts. We are happy to relate that the doctor was able to remove the cysts without any further surgery. She has had quite a challenging year, but is doing better now. In the midst of it all, Prit was able to lead Toussaint to the Lord before he took off for Port-au-Prince!

2015-01-01 23.55.50

Working on the front porch.

Our pump of twenty-one years burned out. Fortunately, Agape Flights was able to fly us in one fairly quickly. After over a week of having no running water and hauling it in by the bucketfuls, we are delighted to say that things are now back to normal.

We are still waiting for news that our Permis de Séjour has arrived. Since we’re in the middle of Mardi Gras celebrations, government offices are closed and won’t open back up until Thursday. To say one needs patience to live in Haiti is an understatement.

We are in the process of closing in our front porch so we can have a much-needed den. All we lack now are the windows, a door, and a great paint job. This will provide extra space, especially when we have visitors. The dining room table and chairs will be moved inside and we will finally be free from the flies!

We appreciate your prayers concerning all the above for we know that prayer gives wings to our efforts.