The Rainy Season

It’s rainy season in Haiti. This morning the rain was coming down in sheets as people made their way to church. Water was even standing inside the church while members sidestepped each puddle to find their seat on whatever bench was dry. The  couple in this picture rode their motorcycle to church this morning with their baby. They both came inside the church drenched, but they came. It was the first Sunday of the month. This means it was Communion Sunday and the day for dedicating babies. Theirs’ was one among the group to be dedicated to the Lord. 

We had a beautiful service and the Lord was present among us. When I look at our assembly, I don’t see ordinary people trying to eke out a living. I see kings and priests. They have wrestled with demonic powers and dominions and won. They also love church and will pay the price to get there. This picture sums up this truth.

Little Lion

What Ti Lion looks like to humans.

This is ”Ti Lion” (Little Lion). Don’t let his innocent looks fool you. He is a terror to rats, violently stalks his prey, and is the newest addition to the Adams household in Cap-Haitian. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

What Ti Lion looks like to rats.

Fourth Anniversary in Belle-Hôtesse

Last Sunday, we had a great service at Belle-Hôtesse. It was the fourth anniversary of the planting of this work. Dana shared the testimony of Prit’s miraculous recovery and Prit shared about the “three big mountain movers” (Mark 9: 23; 10:27; and 11:22-24).  In light of the difficulties we see on the horizon, we encouraged the church to believe God for miracles.

Pastor Dieudonné is pastoring the first church that we planted from the mother church in Petite-Anse. He is one of the principal teachers in the Bible institute and is developing this rural area in magnificent fashion.

Pastor Dieudonné, his wife, Edith, Viaud, Woodley, and their new addition, Rose

A men's group from our church that came and blessed us in the service. Choeur d'Hommes (Men's Choral Group)

This church is beginning to overflow with children!