Belle-Hôtesse Is Now Four Years Old!

This Sunday, Prit and I will be traveling to Belle-Hôtesse, a small seaside community about an hour outside of Cap-Haitien, to celebrate the fourth anniversary of one of our church plants. The pastor, Dieudonné Jasmin, is one of our Bible school graduates who now teaches in the Bible school. We are very proud of the work he and his wife, Edith, are doing. Look for more pictures of this dynamic church soon.

Oh, by the way, Pastor Dieudonné is not only making an impact on the Belle-Hôtesse area. He’s obviously making an impression on his son as well. The picture above is of Dieudonné’s son, Viaud, who already assumes that he is a pastor too, just like his Dad. 🙂

Help Make Classroom Hunger History

We still need about $14,000 in order to feed every student in every one of our schools a hot meal three times a week for an entire school year. That might sound like a huge sum, but really, it means that it only costs 20 cents to feed a child a meal. Just 20 cents a day per child will help stave off hunger, thereby protecting them from sickness due to malnutrition and also lifting a small burden off their families. It also helps students learn – it’s no use coming to school if you’re too weak from hunger to concentrate in class (we have had students faint in class before).

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to donate to our ministry. If you’d like to help, simply click the “Donate!” button in the top right corner of this page, or e-mail or call us to donate directly.


If patience is a virtue, I should be the most virtuous woman of all! We returned to find our electricity had been cut off for two weeks already. We paid to have it restored and today they came and cut it off again. Our jeep was in the garage for 3 days and we just got it back yesterday. We are still waiting for our internet to be restored so I am at the Christophe Hotel in Cap-Haitian writing this short update. So how’s your day been? 🙂

Back in Haiti!

Prit and I were very weary travelers today  after spending all day Wednesday flying from Portland, Oregon to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale last night, booked a hotel room and fell into bed only to get back up at 5 a.m. to catch a flight to Port-au-Prince. After a 2 ½ hour layover, we then caught a turbo-prop plane back to Cap-Haitien.

I shed my sweater shortly after reaching Port-au-Prince, and Prit and I are slowly getting re-acclimated to warm weather. Actually, it’s rather pleasant this time of year.

There is always something to be fixed when we get back home and this year was no exception. We learned that the electric company sent someone here to remove our breaker and that our house has been without electricity for two weeks. Fortunately, our guard has been able to run our generator periodically, thus charging our inverter to give us current in the house. Now we’re waiting for the electrician to come restore city power.

We were also greatly saddened to learn that our black Lab, Shadow, passed away seventeen days ago. She had been sickly for a good while and it seems that the veterinarian couldn’t help her in spite of all his attempts.

Oh yes, the Internet is also down again. Hopefully, we can get it up and running tomorrow and can catch up on our e-mails. This also means you may be receiving this update a day late!

Although there are always adjustments to be made when we return to Haiti, we are doing fine and want to thank everyone that was praying for safe travels for us. We are glad to be back safe and sound, and we’re thankful for all of you back home that were praying for us!

Traveling Back to Haiti

Prit and I will be flying to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow and back to Haiti on Thursday. We had a wonderful time at the MFI Conference here in Portland and are so thankful for all the leaders that studied, then poured themselves into us for a week. To top that off, we were thrilled to be able to reunite with Pastor Richard and Beth Kope as well as their son Corey and his wife, Erin. For those of you who are familiar with our crisis of 2010, you know that Richard and Beth and his church family were there with us through that whole horrific trial. Fortunately, these were more pleasant moments and what took place in the summer of 2010 was only a memory. Here are a couple of pictures of Richard and Beth as well as Corey and Erin. It was awesome seeing you guys again! We love you!