Why “Rehoboth”?

Why are we named “Rehoboth Ministries”?

The book of Genesis tells the story of what happened to Abraham’s son, Isaac, after Abraham died and left him his inheritance. Isaac began to re-dig a series of wells that had previously belonged to his father, but he ran into conflict with his enemies, who fought with him over them.

Isaac named the first well that he dug Esek (contention). Instead of fighting for it when his enemies stole it, Isaac simply moved on and dug another well. Isaac’s enemies came and laid claim to that well, too, however. Isaac named this second one Sitnah (enmity), but again, he did not strive with his enemies, but simply moved on and dug another well. This time, his enemies did not try to steal what he had worked for, and Isaac named this third well “Rehoboth,” meaning “plenty of room,” saying, “for now the LORD has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land” (Gen. 26:22).

We felt the Lord impress upon our hearts many years ago that He would make room for us in Haiti and that much fruit for the Gospel would abound to our account. Over the years, He has been true to His word and our years of labor have proven just that.

700 Club Video

Last summer, Prit suffered a brain aneurysm while visiting a church in Calgary, Alberta. Doctors initially gave him a very slim chance of recovery. Fifty-two days later, however, Pritchard was wheeled out of the hospital alive and in his right mind. In April, the 700 Club did a segment on it titled “An Undeniable Miracle,” which you can watch here.