Tear Down This Wall!

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With a $500 gift from a dear friend to spur us on, we are elated to say that the work of enlarging the kitchen in our main mission house has begun! The counter that boxed in our very limited kitchen space is finally coming down! This is a desire fulfilled and will simplify our lives greatly. Once the counter debris is taken away, our workers will smooth concrete over the kitchen/den area and prepare it for the laying of the tile. As I write this post, all our kitchen paraphernalia sits outside on our front porch. Even John’s been put outside!

Prit and I are planning to leave in less than two weeks and are hurrying to get this project finished before we touch down in Haiti. The reason, obviously, is that the kitchen will, once again, become the main center of activity. We have lots of visitors and teams scheduled to arrive in just a few short weeks so we are anxious to complete this project.

We are $559.00 short of completing this phase. Can you help us? Our time is short and your help would be greatly appreciated!

The “A” Team

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We are falling into another rhythm here in Haiti after hosting a nine-member team that came to spend 10 days with us. (Now, you know the reason I haven’t posted in a while!) Our time with the Trinity Church Short-Term Missions Team from Tacoma, Washington, has been incredibly rich in so many ways. Five women and four men came with their sleeves rolled up and ready to work.

Our conference room has been tiled and painted and is well on its way to being opened for business. Day after day, these wonderful men and women labored together to make our dream come true. A special surprise came when they turned their attention our our front porch and painted it as well. Eventually, the porch will become our den and it’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint can lift your spirits.

Pastor Steve Allen ministered in our church in Petite-Anse as well as our third church plant here on the compound. He also met with our leaders Saturday morning sowing precious seeds of faith into them. The team members shared their personal testimonies of how they came to the Lord as well as what touched their hearts the most while they were here. Each night they gathered around our table on the porch and took turns sharing a devotional.

We have been so blessed by all the hard work that Pastor Steve and the team accomplished, but also by the rich fellowship and laughter we enjoyed together. They have truly made us feel special and are already planning a second trip. The Lord has left a rich deposit here by their coming and we know that they each returned with a tug on their hearts for world missions.

The pictures provided are a smorgasbord of the many activities that took place while they were here, whether it was handing out gifts to our school children and helping with the feeding program or visiting the many beautiful tourist spots like the beach and the Citadel.

Trinity Team, we have given you a new name. You are the “A Team” because we can only give you the highest grade for your hard work, stellar character, and great love that you have shown to us and to our Haitian brethren. Thank you again, Pastor Rollie Simmons, for sending us the best that you had!

Living in Limbo

IMG_0416Limbo (n.): a place or state of restraint or confinement

Living in limbo is the best way I can think of to describe our tiny kitchen in its present state. It is so small that two people cannot stand side-by-side together, let alone try to work in the same space. As you can see in the picture, one of our Bible school graduates (Jean-Philippe) is touching our stove with one hand and the kitchen counter with the other. This gives you a clear idea of how tiny our kitchen is. Marie (our cook) and I do a sort of dance when we’re trying to work together. Frustrating? Beyond words! What would normally take 20 min. prep. time to make a batch of muffins extends to 40-50 because we’re working around each other searching for all the items we need.

Our goal is to knock out the counter and extend the kitchen. We also need to lay tile over the concrete floor which will cover both the kitchen and the den area. Later, we intend to close in our front porch and use it as a den, turning the present den into a dining area.

We are very blessed to have work teams coming down to labor with our ministry. In fact, we have a team coming in October. We desperately need to make more room so we can have a place for everyone to sit when it’s time to eat. Therefore, we hope to be done with this goal BEFORE they arrive. We have a great work team of Haitians here that are willing to do the job for us.

The initial phase of removing the counter and laying tile will cost $1,500. Can you help?

Project #5 – Grand Conference Room

Project #5 presents our goal for a Grand Conference Room which would be located at the Sainte-Philomène compound. The main building on these grounds presently consists of classrooms for our third church-school plant during the first part of the day and our Bible institute in the afternoons, plus additional offices. On the second story of this complex are two rather large rooms which run parallel with each other. (58 ft. x 19 ft.)

Presently, Pastor Lefort and his family are living in one of these rooms until he can complete the home he is building in Petite-Anse. The other room contains many stored items that we brought over from our previous home. After we find another place for our stuff, it will become a much needed conference room for Rehoboth Ministries. It’s a miracle waiting to happen!

Why is this project unique?

The Grand Conference Room is an altogether unique project. What sets this project apart from the others? Unlike the other needs represented in our ministry, our intention for this room is to make it a source of revenue for the overall mission. In addition to having a state-of-the-art meeting place to hold conferences, marriages, graduations, concerts, and funerals for our own work, we will also make this room available to outside Christian organizations that wish to rent a low-cost facility. It will be much less expensive than the hotels in town, yet very accessible to those that are both in and outside the city of Cap-Haitian. (Sainte-Philomène is located just outside the main entrance to the city.)

The funds from this special project will be funneled to other much-needed projects. It would also provide a salary to one of our responsible workers who possesses a good business mind, thus providing an income for his family.

Another advantage to having our own meeting place is that this would enable us to eliminate the expenditures for renting a hotel conference room every time we need a nice place to meet..

What will it take?

One part of the room is already squared off for a couple of restrooms. Everything from the toilets and tile, to the doors, light fixtures and mirrors are included in the price below. What was once a small storage area will be totally renovated to serve the conference guests as restrooms. The remainder of the floor area will be tiled as well.

Costs for Phase 1

  • Total for materials: $4,300
  • Labor costs: $1,820
  • Total Price: $6,100

*Phase 1 will prepare the way for Phase 2 which includes a paint job, purchase of chairs, a podium, light fixtures, fans, and two air conditioners for the main area.

Roof Renovation

The roof on the small mission house at our compound in Ste.-Philomène is almost completed! Here are some photos of our workers with the beautiful mountains of Haiti in the background. Thanks again to Pastor Rollie Simmons of Trinity Church in Tacoma, Washington, who helped us complete this project.

There is still much renovation work that needs to take place before the two houses are completed. Would you like to help? Our future teams would be very grateful for your giving! Just earmark your donation for ”Mission House Renovations” if you would like to participate. The added blessing to this project is that these two fellows were thrilled to have a job provided for them in order to help feed their families. What a joy to be able to provide good, honest labor for those that are so in need!