Prayers Requested!

53931116_10155878211667294_192201925389713408_oHi Everyone, I am requesting prayer for our sons. John, as many of you already know, was playing basketball at his school and fractured his foot. He is in a cast for 4 weeks and is almost down to 3 now. As you can imagine, this makes his coming and going to school, as well as all the other things he’s doing, very tiring and burdensome.

tumblr_lhq57qKSWy1qzrn3vGabe slipped on some rocks as he was out hiking and instinctively put out his hand to break his fall. In the process, his pinky was jammed and he is supposed to see a doctor tomorrow morning concerning having surgery.

  1. Pray for a quick healing with no after-effects.
  2. Pray that surgery will not even be necessary for Gabe.
  3. Pray for no more mishaps!

We count on your prayers and know that they have kept us through many perilous times. Thank you!


Smiles All Around!

Where does the time go? It’s been so busy here and we’re thankful for helping hands that have come to  lighten our load. From construction work to putting a smile on a child’s face, we appreciate all our generous contributors!


Our compound is a tropical paradise as you can see! The weather is gorgeous this time of year. It’s even prettier now that folks have given to help us with the construction needs of rebuilding the walls that lead to our little mission house and the house next door. Thanks to our thoughtful donors, we were also able to pave our driveway, which was in great need of repair. Would you like to help? There is still much repair work, paint jobs, adding on of rooms that needs to be done to both houses and to the building which houses our school, church, and Bible institute.

New Dresses for little Girls

Cathie McCarthy and Christina Buehler from Fort Pierce, Florida, came bearing gifts for our students  here in Sainte-Philomène. They came with 102 dresses all sewn by them and friends of theirs’ in Florida. Talk about some happy little girls! This is no small thing in Haiti when parents are doing everything they can to put food on the table. Just the gift of one dress for their child takes a huge weight off of them. Thanks so much, Cathie and Christina, as well as all the other ladies who labored  over their sewing machines to put a smile on our students’ faces!



Natcom Down, Save the Date

UnknownThis is Day 3 of coming to town to check the internet. Rumors are that Natcom (our server) is on strike because the technicians have not been paid. So, we’re paying for a server that doesn’t work. That goes for our cell phones too. Haiti seems to go from one crisis to the next. At least I can sit by the beautiful poolside of the Christophe Hotel and am planning to get in a walk around the pool before I leave. Care to join me?

Save the Date

We are gearing up for our summer schedule. So far,  these dates are taken:

June 9: Impact Church (Morehead City, NC) 

June 16: Moncure Baptist Church (Moncure, NC) 

June 30: Enon Chapel (Jacksonville, NC)  

If you’re in the area, come see us! If you wish for us to come visit your church, group, etc., contact me, Dana, at We look forward to seeing you!

Link for Giving

UnknownWell, it seems the button on this website page is NOT working yet. It has to be fixed on my end and I’m trying to figure out how to do it myself. Meanwhile, The Lord’s Table was kind enough to send me this link for anyone to use if they want to send a gift to Rehoboth. We apologize for the inconvenience. Here’s the link:[0]=Haiti&src=hpp&fbclid=IwAR3WeP61LZN9DQh24T3XB6YMtQFjEAcFh3Z0xZTNutzBR-LlRxzOxnpmmQE

Defining Normal

UnknownI have waited to post anything about the situation here in Haiti. No one seems to know if we’re only experiencing the calm before the storm. Yet, everything is back to normal here in Cap-Haitian and we are happy. When I say normal, I mean the roads are clear. There’s no rioting or burning of tires, nor destruction of public property. Yet, life is far from normal in the area of economics. Folks are still struggling to sustain themselves with a healthy diet as the prices of everything from rice to oil remain high. There are no retirement or pension plans, no credit cards, or a charge account for the average Haitian. You either have the money or you don’t. It is a day-to-day attempt to survive.

Our school kids have lost another three days of school due to the Mardi Gras season. Although Mardi Gras is not being celebrated in Cap Haitian this year due to the political turmoil, schools are still closed. They will resume classes tomorrow. So… our idea of normal is different from that of everyday life here in Haiti. Defining normal is relevant to where you are! Rehoboth is providing work and paying salaries to many and, therefore, a LIFELINE to many in this nation. This is a great time, if you aren’t already, to become a partner with this ministry. We are so grateful for one-time gifts that we receive from donors, but it is the regular monthly investment of our supporters that are the backbone of this ministry. Won’t you consider taking that extra step of faith? The information below shows you how to give. No gift is too small. (Sorry! We’re still working on the Donate button.)

Returning Stateside

We are returning stateside at the end of May. Our schedule has almost filled up already for June. If you would like for us to come speak for your church, group, chapter, or organization, this is the time to let us know. You can reach me, Dana, on facebook or write me at We would love to see you!

Send Checks to: The Lord’s Table / PO Box 11049 / Goldsboro, NC  27532 / (919) 751-8188  & please earmark your gift for Haiti.

Contact Information

Pritchard: 910 703 3098 / Haiti: 011 509 4037 5341

Dana: / 910 916 7229 / Haiti: 011 509  4037 5341

John: / 910 581 0390 / Haiti: 011 509 3253 0595

Mailing Address: (Jacksonville, NC)

Pritchard & Dana ADAMS

702 Cattail Court

Jacksonville, NC  28540

(NOTE: Our stateside #’s do not work when we are in Haiti.)




Touching Niger…

0Rehoboth Ministries is very excited to announce that we are indeed (as our motto says), changing lives and impacting a nation. This time, however, it’s a different nation! Rehoboth has just gifted leaders in Niger, Africa, with the same 4-year program in French that we use in our own Bible institute in Haiti. This four-year program took many years of toil, as well as translation work into French before it could be offered to our own Bible school. Little did my husband and Pastor Christian Séveno know how far-reaching their work would be.  Our son, John, digitized most of this curriculum as well.  This picture shows 20 top leaders which represent 50 churches in Niger who will be studying this program. Where our feet have not yet gone, this course of study has already arrived and is impacting this African nation as well. Working together with Pastor Mike Hennigan of Victory Christian Church in Goochland, Virginia, putting these materials into their hands has been an absolute joy. May the Gospel run over the entire earth through these courses and may these leaders in Niger be fully equipped to preach God’s Word.


Send Checks to: The Lord’s Table / PO Box 11049 / Goldsboro, NC  27532 / (919) 751-8188  

or give online at Haiti –

** Please earmark your gifts HAITI

Rehoboth Ministries is…..impacting lives and changing a nation

A Blessed Weekend

52708486_562284280843969_1989501758577049600_nGreat News!

School started back today! If you’ve been following all the news lately concerning what’s been going on in Haiti, you’ll know that this is a PHENOMENAL statement. Our school kids and Bible school students just lost two weeks of work due to the rioting that has taken place all over the country. Things are now calm here in Cap-Haitian and we are praying that it will stay so. We will be meeting with our pastors to get the feeding program back up and running as soon as possible.

A Desire Fulfilled

Our generator batteries were installed (yes, finally) yesterday and it has made all the difference in every aspect of life. The electricity (or the lack thereof) will no longer dictate our work schedule or when to go to bed. There’s nothing worse than lying in bed at 8:30 p.m. with an overactive mind! Now, we’re working towards purchasing some solar panels so that if the country runs low on diesel fuel again, we will have a backup plan. Haiti always requires a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C …..well, you get the picture. Would you like to help? You can always use the information below and send a check to:

The Lord’s Table / PO Box 11049 / Goldsboro, NC  27532 and earmark it Haiti/Solar Panels

*Our website button is not working at present, but we are working to get it fixed quickly!

Special Guests

We had guests this weekend. Pastor Richard Roulette (Quebec) and Evangelist Yves Baron (France) ministered in our main service yesterday morning at Petite-Anse and at our service here on the compound in Sainte-Philomène. It was a powerful time in the Lord and the prayer line kept growing as Yves and some of our leaders prayed for several  people. No one was in a hurry. No one was looking at the clock. I sensed that after the recent  instability and violence, people just longed for a touch from God.  I wondered how many of them came to church hungry. Many had walked for miles. I also wondered if they’d have anything to eat when they got home. Yet, there they were, many holding babies and waiting patiently for their turn in line.  Heaven recorded ten new salvations that occurred in that prayer line yesterday – all children! Thank you Pastor Richard and Yves for the special time we had together.